Online Registration

This year Triad will continue to utilize an online registration process for returning students who plan to register for the 2019-20 school year.

In June, parents/guardians of returning students will receive a letter, to the home address registered in the 2018-19 school year, with information to complete the online process. We encourage parents to complete this process as early as possible as we make preparations for the upcoming school year.  During July, parents can expect to receive electronic reminders (email, text messages and automated voice calls) from the district to complete the registration process for returning students.

Many of the familiar Family Registration processes and forms have been incorporated into our online system. Parents/guardians will be required to provide information to certify residency, update student demographic data, review parent contact information, document medical issues, acknowledge participation in state and federal programs, and grant permission for district board policies. These easy-to-use, secure, online forms will be sent to families and allow them to provide this data at their own convenience. The district will have computer labs available over the summer for families needing access or assistance in completing the online registration process.

Parents will be directed to log in to following school websites to complete online registration:

C. A. Henning Elementary -
Silver Creek Elementary -
Marine Elementary -
St. Jacob Elementary -
Triad Middle School -
Triad High School -

The data submitted by families through the online form system will be reviewed, refined, and formatted to be uploaded into each building's student information system to provide accurate and updated student data. We are hopeful that as we refine this process it will assist the district in savings of time, money, and resources.