Town Hall Meeting "Bullying"

Town Hall Meeting "Bullying"
Posted on 11/08/2017
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Meeting Summary

We would like to thank all parents and Triad staff members who attended the Town Hall meeting on bullying.  It is your involvement and awareness that continues to make events like this a success.  The presentation provided a great deal of information to those who attended. While we will plan to continue to distribute information concerning bullying throughout the year, we have provided a copy of the presentation and several of the resources shared during the Town-Hall Event.  Stay in touch with us for the announcement of our next Town Hall meeting.

Meeting Announcement Parents and other community members are invited to a Triad District town hall meeting on the topic of Bullying in and out of school on Tuesday, November 7th from 6:30 to 7:30 PM at the C. A. Henning Elementary cafeteria.  District social workers and psychologists will present on the following topics:   

  1. Defining and identifying different types of bullying: verbal, physical, and relational

  2. How adults can support students being bullied

  3. How does Triad staff handle reports of bullying

  4. Cyberbullying

At the end of each topic, five minutes will be reserved for general questions related to the presentation.

In order to help prepare for the evening, please share your questions or topics that you would like covered during the presentations.   Please RSVP by filling out the online form. Submitting questions in advance will assist the presenters in preparing a presentation that meets your expectations. (Specific student incidents cannot be discussed in an open forum.  Please contact your son’s or daughter’s teacher or administrator to report or discuss specific concerns.)