Increasing District Enrollment

Increasing District Enrollment
Posted on 09/17/2018

Triad enrollment is up again this year.  To start the 2018-2019 school year, the district has enrolled 3786 students.  The graphs below show the upward trend of increased student enrollment. Last year’s kindergarten class and now this year’s 1st grade class remains the largest class at 319 students.  Six-day enrollment figures compared to last year’s figures show an increase of 27 new students this year.

The elementary level, PK-5th grades, shows more significant growth since 2014.  A portion of this growth is due to the expansion of the district’s state-funded and tuition-based prekindergarten classes.

Triad Middle School enrollment has remained relatively even for the last four years and saw a slight decrease from 855 in 2017 to 847 in 2018.   This year’s enrollment is only slightly lower than 2007 when TMS was at its highest enrollment.

Triad High School’s current enrollment stands at 1142 students with the sophomores being the largest class at 305.  The high school has seen an increase in enrollment for the last two years.

The district continues to keep a close eye on live birth data and other factors that help the administration predict enrollment trends for the future. Over the last couple years the district has significantly increased the number of students it serves in the prekindergarten classrooms.  C. A. Henning has eight half-day programs for students eligible to attend through the Preschool for All state grant program. Silver Creek Elementary and St. Jacob Elementary have blended pre-kindergarten programs that offer pre-kindergarten for students on a tuition basis and for students eligible for the state and federal funded programs.