2017 Total Solar Eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Posted on 08/07/2017

The first Monday of student attendance at Triad CUSD#2 will be spent a little differently due to a total solar eclipse. A total solar eclipse doesn’t happen in the US very often. In fact, 1979 was the last visible total eclipse in the US. On August 21st, the path of totality will cover a stretch across southern Illinois. This should be a spectacular event for students and anyone who enjoys science. 

Safety is always a high priority for Triad CUSD#2. The district has already scheduled training for our teaching staff prior to the first day of student attendance and each of our schools has secured eclipse safety eye-wear for all students. 

While schools plan to provide an opportunity for a safe, educational experience, we understand that some parents may have other plans for viewing the eclipse or may not want their children to participate. Each school building will release a permission slip for parents to communicate their consent for children to participate in activities to view the eclipse at school.

We encourage parents to begin conversations now about the eclipse and help prepare your students (and yourself) for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. NASA has prepared an online resource outlining the history, the science, safety precautions, etc at the Eclipse 101 website -https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/